Different Photo Printing Material in Wichita


        FUJI LUSTRE (MATTE)            FUJI GLOSSY

                                   FUJI METALLIC



  • Lustre - a professional textured finish that does not show fingerprints or glare.  Recommended for 5x7 and larger and especially for pictures you want to frame behind glass.
  • Glossy -   shows greater detail, sharper and richer, vibrant colors.
  • Metallic - sometimes called a "double glossy".  Very shiny smooth finish with a greater depth of field, almost 3D look.


           MATTE                 GLOSSY                 LINEN

                     PEARL                    STARDREAM



  • Matte - brilliant white, smooth finish card stock.  The perfect choice for corporate mailings, invitations, and business correspondence.
  • Glossy - vibrant colors, deep blacks, and tack sharpness are the hallmarks of this paper.  Glossy is a top choice when you are printing high contrast images or images that demand the ultimate color density.
  • Linen - natural white color that is crisp and elegant to the touch with a subtle canvas like texture that is pleasing to the eye. Paper is used by designers worldwide in making wedding invitations and corporate identity packages.
  • Pearl - iridescent white features a striking dual-sided metallic finish with a glittering sheen. This paper is ideal for impressive invitations, shimmering stationery, and eye-catching promotional materials.
  • Stardream - Stardream shimmering pearlescent paper can make your design dreams come true. You'll love the glistening surface of this pearlescent coated two-sided card stock paper.  With its shimmering mica infused coating, Stardream is specifically designed for those wishing to add a lustrous effect to their creative design.
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